At Jorja Healthcare, we can treat a wide range of common conditions offering flexible healthcare to suit you. We know that when your health is suffering, you want treatment fast.

Whether wear and tear issues associated with ageing, sports injuries or general health concerns, our team of experts can help you get back to full health. We can identify common issues and offer further testing to fully diagnose the root of your problem.

The common areas we can help with include:

Some of the areas we treat...


Pain, swelling and stiffness in areas such as the knee and all of the major joints caused by wear and tear or injury.


Mechanical spinal issues such as a bulging intervertebral disc, arthritic facet joints or muscular pain. 


Many sports and activities can result in pain and damage to muscle, bone and soft tissue. Left untreated it can cause permanent problems.

Hearing &
Ear Health

Poor ear health can cause temporary or permanent loss of hearing. Conditions affecting the ears can also cause dizziness, nausea and impact your balance.

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