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At Jorja Healthcare, we pride ourselves on our professional relationships. By working with you, we can help more patients gain access to the latest scanning technology for fast, more accurate healthcare. Together, we can offer more opportunities, share the latest medical innovation, and revolutionise private healthcare, making it affordable and easily accessible.

Partner MRI

The next steps

Make a referral

If you are already set up on our referral platform you can submit your MRI referrals below.

An innovative approach helping you deliver the best treatment for your patients

Jorja Healthcare is shaping the way for a more modern approach to scanning, actively providing solutions to the ever-increasing NHS waitlist times. Affordable and accessible, our objective is to minimise any delay in diagnosis and treatment. Work with us to gain access to our innovative scanning technology, our CPD events, and a network of experts in your specialty.

• Same-day and next-day appointments: depending on availability,
patients can be seen within hours.
• Images available immediately with a full report within 48 hours.
• With no waiting list, your patients are our priority.

• Affordable private healthcare with no hidden costs or surprise fees.
• Refer your patients with a complete cost breakdown from day one.
• Upfront pricing for any additional treatments or services.

• Ergonomic, open scanning technology for a better, more comfortable
patient experience.
• Virtually silent technology – Our MRI modalities have a noise level of
just 80 decibels, similar to a computer fan.
• Our state-of-the-art clinics are designed with the patient experience
in mind to make diagnostic healthcare less intimidating.

• All our in-depth reports are interpreted and signed off by
specialist radiologists.
• Our trusted consultants are on hand for follow-up consultations
and work with you to ensure communication is smooth and timely.
• A network of specialist consultants for CPD events provide
insightful analysis and ensure you have access to the latest in
medical innovation.

What areas of the body can we scan?

  • Knee
  • Spine
  • Hip
  • Shoulder
  • Foot & ankle
  • Hand & wrist 
  • Elbow

How much do we charge?

  • Single body part from £325
  • Two body parts from £550

The Process

We have endeavoured to make the process as straight forward and efficient as possible. 


Book &
Attend Scan​


Report &


Course of

Why Choose Us

Accessible & Affordable

Our service is fast, efficient and reliable. It is also more affordable than many traditional private healthcare routes.

One Stop Clinic

From consultation to diagnosis to treatment, our service is a one stop clinic for self-pay healthcare.

Range of Specialists

We have a wide range of specialists which means we can always find the right person for you.

Get in Touch

Contact us today and we’ll call you back to discuss your next steps.

Frequent Questions

We have extremity and full body MRI scanners. Extremity scanners are specifically designed for the hands, wrists, elbows, feet, ankles and knees. Unlike with conventional MRI, our scanners are open rather than the traditional enclosed capsule. This coupled with very little noise and overall ergonomic design maximises patient comfort.  

Most MRI scans are requested on a non-urgent, consultant-led basis. This means you can end up waiting up to 18 weeks from the time of your NHS e-Referral Service appointment or when the hospital gets your referral letter. Then there is a further wait for your results which is typically 24 hours. 

The NHS looks after the vast majority of patients in the UK and there is a huge demand on services such as MRI, with the more urgent cases being given priority. You can, however, skip this queue if you opt to get a private MRI scan which you can pay for yourself.  

Yes. You simply need to fill in our enquiry form to book a private MRI scan appointment. However you will need to pay an upfront cost for our services.   

Yes. It’s also possible to book for someone else if you’re their carer. By simply answering a few questions about why you want the scan and some extra safety questions you can book someone in hassle free. 

No. It’s a very safe, non-invasive procedure. There have been a wide range of studies on the impact of radio waves and magnets on the human body and no risks have been identified. Unlike with an X-ray machine, radiation is not used so there is no risk of exposure to radiation during an MRI procedure. However, due to the use of the strong magnets, MRIs cannot be performed on patients with implanted pacemakers.  

Typically Your GP may suggest an MRI for soft tissue injuries as the MRI can scan the internal structure of muscles, bones, ligaments, organs, nerves, and joints, from any angle. MRIs are more versatile, and doctors use them for examining many medical conditions. However, x-rays are used more often for examining broken bones, and they can also help detect diseased tissue. Additionally, an MRI scan does not use radiation, instead using strong magnets and radio waves.   

If you’re experiencing knee pain, a knee MRI can look at the ligaments, muscles and tissues surrounding the knee to identify the cause of your knee pain within 15 to 45 minutes on average. This is because only your lower body needs to go into the MRI machine. 

A full body MRI is a five-part scan that looks at the brain, neck arteries, chest, abdomen and pelvis and it takes around 1 hour. All our scanners are open rather than the traditional enclosed capsule, with an ergonomic design to maximise patient comfort. 

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