Shockwave therapy (x5) booking

TREATMENTS > SHOCKWAVE THERAPY Shockwave therapy booking (sessions of 3 or 5) Meet with our shockwave therapy specialist for three of five shockwave therapy sessions. This would typically cost up to £1250 but booking as a block you pay £500 for three sessions or £800 for five sessions. The booking below is for your first […]

Shockwave consultation booking

TREATMENTS > SHOCKWAVE THERAPY Shockwave therapy booking Meet with our in-house physiotherapist and shockwave therapy specialist for your first treatment. This appointment includes an initial consultation to assess your injury and symptoms. Our specialist confirms a diagnosis with an ultrasound scan and following your treatment will prescribe rehabilitation exercises to help you regain strength and […]

Shockwave Therapy

TREATMENTS > SHOCKWAVE THERAPY Shockwave Therapy Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive therapeutic procedure for tendon pain and other joint injuries. It delivers impulses of energy targeted to specific damaged tissues to stimulate blood flow, reduce inflammation and promote healing. Shockwave therapy can be a regenerative procedure for musculoskeletal conditions such as sport injuries, tendon injuries, joint pain […]

Bracing consultation booking

TREATMENTS > BRACE FITTING Knee brace consultation Our innovative, braces allow you to always get an intimate, contoured fit to maximise the reduction of pain in arthritic joints or reduce recovery time of ligament injuries. Meet with a member of our team to discuss what type of knee brace is right for you. Learn how […]


TREATMENTS > PHYSIOTHERAPY Physiotherapy Physiotherapy provides a non-invasive way to help restore mobility function and give you back the freedom to move free of pain. It can be used for both the prevention and rehabilitation of various conditions caused by injury or disease.  Jorja Healthcare provides each patient a personalised course of treatment to suit […]

Ear Wax Removal

TREATMENTS > Earwax Removal Earwax Removal A build-up of earwax can be an uncomfortable issue that leads to dull hearing and may cause earache. Fortunately, earwax removal is a quick and straightforward procedure that can provide instant relief and improved hearing.  Book a free screening Symptoms that might indicate earwax blockage Hearing loss Earache Vertigo […]


TREATMENTS > BRACING​ Bracing The rehabilitation process after overstretching, straining, spraining or tearing a ligament can sometimes be painful and overwhelming. A brace can be an effective way to relieve pain and shorten recovery time. Our range of lightweight, comfortable and low-profile braces make it easier to resume normal activity, helping to gradually restore strength […]

Pain Relieving Injections

TREATMENTS > PAIN RELIEVING INJECTIONS Pain Relieving Injections Our range of pain relieving injections are a minimally invasive method of reducing pain for various joint conditions. Quick, easy and safe, our pain relieving injections can also help you to avoid or postpone surgery. Minimally invasive Helps delay or prevent surgery Provides both short and long […]