Transforming healthcare through technology: meet the UK’s leading health tech innovators

July 27, 2023
Living Room Health Health Tech Innovators

At Jorja Healthcare, we are drawn to innovations in the healthcare industry, especially within the tech sphere. It’s a part of our mission to use technology as a tool to empower patients, practitioners, and providers alike, with the aim of offering a suite of accessible healthcare solutions.

It’s in our pursuit of enhancing healthcare experiences that we realise the value of appreciating the fantastic work other companies are doing in revolutionising the health tech space.

We want to share some of the amazing UK-based health tech companies that have developed in the last couple of years. Each one harnessing cutting-edge technology in delivering personalised, effective, and accessible healthcare services. Their work in areas like AI, data analytics, and wearable devices underscores the transformative potential of technology in healthcare.

1. Numan

Established in 2019, Numan is bringing a fresh approach to men’s health. As a digital health clinic, they strive to break the barriers around men’s health issues and promote open conversations. Their wide range of services tackles everything from hair loss and erectile dysfunction to overall wellbeing. Numan’s role in making healthcare more approachable is a significant step towards enhancing men’s health. Numan | Blood Tests | Hair Loss & Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

2. Peppy Health

Peppy Health, born in 2019, stands at the forefront of support for major life transitions like menopause, fertility, pregnancy, early parenthood, and mental health. They offer a supportive network of expert practitioners for one-to-one guidance, making necessary care more accessible. Peppy Digital Health App | Employee Wellness Program | Peppy

3. Vine Health

Vine Health, started in 2020, leverages technology to enhance the lives and outcomes of cancer patients. Their app is a personal pocket companion that helps manage medications, symptoms, lifestyle factors and psychological wellbeing. It offers patients a sense of control and a better understanding of their health journey. Vinehealth | Digitalising cancer care

4. Oviva

Oviva is another gem from 2019, providing digital support for diet and lifestyle modifications to manage conditions like diabetes, obesity, and food allergies. Their blend of tech and personal touch from dietitians offers individuals a handy tool to manage their health conditions. App-supported diet and lifestyle support | Oviva UK | Find out more

5. Huma

Huma brings AI and data analytics to the palm of your hand, helping patients monitor their health while providing clinicians with valuable patient insights. With their suite of digital biomarkers using data from various sources, they aim to create an ecosystem where everyone plays a part in the progression of healthcare. Huma | Longer, fuller lives

6. GyroGear

An offshoot from Imperial College London, GyroGear, is transforming lives with their GyroGlove – a wearable device that stabilises the hands of people with Parkinson’s disease and Essential Tremor. They’re a stellar example of how tech can significantly enhance quality of life. Gyrogear – The World’s Most Advanced hand Stabilizer

7. Current Health

A 2020 start-up, Current Health, uses a wearable device to track patients’ vital signs continuously. This real-time health dashboard allows healthcare professionals to remotely monitor patients and take proactive measures when necessary, predicting and preventing health risks before they escalate. Current Health | Care at Home Platform

It’s inspiring to see how each of these companies, in their unique ways, embody the same ethos we uphold at Jorja Healthcare. We’re all striving to redefine the future of healthcare, showcasing how modern tech can flip the traditional healthcare script, resulting in improved experiences for patients and providers alike. If you want to find out more about our services you can contact us here.