The silent alarm: understanding vitamin B12 deficiency

July 25, 2023
Living Room Health Vitamin B12

We often hear about the importance of listening to our bodies. Sometimes, however, the signals can be so subtle that they’re easy to miss. Take, for instance, that faint “tingling” sensation you might feel in your hands or feet. It might seem insignificant, but according to a recent article from, this could be an early warning sign of a Vitamin B12 deficiency.

A prolonged deficiency in B12 can lead to irreversible nerve damage and even cognitive decline.

Dr. Dawn Harper sheds light on how our bodies rely on a delicate balance of vitamins and nutrients. Among these, Vitamin B12 stands out for its role in producing healthy red blood cells. Claire Lynch, a noted dietitian, points out two symptoms that many might brush off: fatigue and that aforementioned tingling sensation. She emphasises that these symptoms are not just fleeting concerns. A prolonged deficiency in B12 can lead to irreversible nerve damage and even cognitive decline.

But it’s not just about nerve function. Vitamin B12 plays a pivotal role in managing homocysteine levels, a by-product of protein metabolism. Elevated levels of this compound, especially in those who don’t supplement their diet with B12, can increase the risk of cognitive issues, strokes, and other severe health concerns.

The fatigue associated with B12 deficiency is particularly concerning. This fatigue stems from a lack of oxygen-carrying capacity in our blood, a condition known as megaloblastic anaemia. It’s a silent drain on our energy, often mistaken for the usual tiredness from our busy lives.

So, where can we get our dose of Vitamin B12? While it’s abundant in animal products like meats and dairy, there are vegetarian sources too, like fortified cereals and yeast extracts. But for those who’ve chosen a vegan lifestyle, supplements might be the way to go.

Our health often speaks in whispers - it's up to us to tune in and listen

With the rise in plant-based diets and changing lifestyles, understanding, and monitoring our Vitamin B12 levels is more important than ever. So, the next time you feel that odd tingling or unexplained fatigue, remember: it might be your body’s way of sounding the alarm.

If all this has you wondering about your Vitamin B12 levels, there’s an easy way to find out. Jorja Healthcare offers a detailed vitamin blood test. It’s a straightforward step to ensure you’re not missing out on this crucial vitamin.