In conversation with Sammy Nicks on her running injury

June 13, 2023

Sammy recently visited our Paddington facility with a running injury following her first marathon in Barcelona. Sammy’s physiotherapist Rush from & @therunningroom recommended an MRI scan and blood screening to help with his clinical diagnosis. With his expertise, Rush can now design a rehab plan to help Sammy get stronger and back on her feet. We look forward to seeing Sammy back racing again, you can follow her recovery on @sammynicks.

Can you introduce yourself and what you do?

I’m Sammy Nicks, a content creator and amateur runner. Last year, I discovered running as a form of therapy during a challenging breakup. It became my escape from the house and a way to gather my thoughts. I soon found myself addicted to the runner’s high that everyone talks about and eagerly registered for my first Hackney Half Marathon.

Do you know how you sustained your running injury?

After completing my first marathon, I realised that I resumed running too quickly, leading to a dull ache in my thigh. On the recommendation of my physiotherapist, Rush from R&D Physio, I was referred to Jorja Healthcare for an MRI scan. 

The team at Jorja Healthcare made me feel comfortable and at ease. The MRI scan itself was surprisingly relaxing, and I felt calm throughout the process. I even had the opportunity to listen to music and read my book, which was a great addition.

While I hope that the results do not reveal a serious injury, if they do, I’m confident that my physiotherapist will be able to guide me in strengthening and rebuilding my foundation. I’m eagerly looking forward to running again and getting back into racing.

Sammy Nicks running

"I was made to feel at ease by the Jorja Healthcare team. During the MRI scan I felt very calm and comfortable – it was actually really relaxing!"

As well as an MRI did you try any other services?

It was also great to be able to get a sports performance blood test done here today. It’s super helpful to get an understanding of any imbalances and deficiencies that could be impacting my health and performance. 

Would you recommend Jorja Healthcare to others in a similar situation?

I’d recommend this service to anyone who needs an affordable MRI done quickly. I know that wait times for getting an MRI on the NHS is really long and a struggle for lots of people who don’t need urgent care. Dealing with pain as a runner and not knowing the duration of an injury can be challenging, so I was relieved to have it promptly examined. To have a company like Jorja Healthcare that’s able to give you an appointment the next day and get the results so quickly is amazing. Once I have more information my physiotherapist and I can work on a plan to facilitate my return to running.

If you would like to book an MRI scan for yourself or someone else, you can do so here.