Effective treatment options for elbow pain and tennis elbow

July 14, 2023
Living Room Health Elbow Pain

Elbow pain, often caused by conditions like tennis elbow, can be debilitating and affect our daily lives. Before initiating any treatment intervention, it is crucial for individuals experiencing elbow pain to undergo a correct diagnosis, which may involve a detailed clinical examination along with diagnostic imaging of an MRI or ultrasound scan. At Jorja Healthcare, we understand the importance of accurate diagnosis in order to provide targeted and evidence based treatment options. In this post, we will explore the common causes of elbow pain, specifically tennis elbow, the diagnostic process, and discuss the various treatment options available at Jorja Healthcare, including physiotherapy, shockwave therapy, guided injections, and more.

Understanding tennis elbow and the diagnostic process

Tennis elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis or lateral epicondylalgia, is a common condition characterised by pain and tenderness on the outer side of the elbow. Contrary to its name, tennis elbow is not limited to athletes or tennis players. It can affect anyone who repeatedly uses their forearm muscles, such as painters, carpenters, and office workers.

When an individual presents with elbow pain, it is essential to undergo a thorough diagnostic process to determine the underlying cause. This process may involve a physical examination, medical history assessment, and imaging tests such as MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) or ultrasound scans. These imaging techniques allow healthcare professionals to visualise the soft tissues, tendons, and bones of the elbow, helping to identify any abnormalities or damage that may be contributing to the pain.

"Empowering patients to overcome chronic tendon pain is not just my profession; it's my passion. Through Shockwave Therapy and graded exercises, I am dedicated to guiding individuals towards a pain-free life, restoring their strength, and enhancing their overall well-being. Witnessing their relief from pain and return to sport/activity brings the joy that comes with reclaiming their lives is my greatest reward."

Treatment options at Jorja Healthcare

  • Physiotherapy: once a diagnosis has been established, Jorja Healthcare provides personalised physiotherapy programmes tailored to your specific condition. Our skilled physiotherapist, Anil Prasad, employs or incorporates  techniques such as manual therapy, graded exercise program  to address the root cause of the condition and facilitate recovery. Physiotherapy helps reduce pain, improve flexibility, and strengthen the affected muscles and tendons, promoting healing and restoring mobility.
  • Shockwave therapy: Jorja Healthcare offers shockwave therapy as a non-invasive treatment option for elbow pain. This therapy utilises high-energy sound waves to stimulate the healing process and promote tissue regeneration. By targeting the affected area, shockwave therapy increases blood circulation, reduces pain, and accelerates the healing of injured tendons.
  • Guided injections: in some cases, guided injections may be recommended as part of the treatment plan for elbow pain. This procedure involves the precise administration of corticosteroids or platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections to the affected area under ultrasound guidance. Guided injections can provide pain relief, decrease inflammation, and facilitate the healing process.
  • Bracing and splinting: Jorja Healthcare recognises the importance of providing support and protection to the injured elbow. Customised braces or splints may be prescribed to stabilise the affected area, alleviate strain on the tendons, and aid in the recovery process.
  • Ergonomic modifications and education: Addressing the underlying causes of elbow pain is essential for long-term relief. Jorja Healthcare’s team of experts provides ergonomic assessments and educates patients on proper techniques and movements to prevent further strain on the affected area. They help individuals make necessary modifications in their daily activities or workplace setup to promote healing and prevent re-injury.

Targeted and individualised care to alleviate your elbow pain

Elbow pain, including conditions like tennis elbow, can significantly impact one’s quality of life. At Jorja Healthcare, we understand the importance of accurate diagnosis through the use of detailed clinical examination including imaging tests such as MRI or ultrasound scans. By providing personalised treatment options, including physiotherapy, shockwave therapy, guided injections, bracing, ergonomic modifications, and education, we aim to help individuals find relief from pain, improve their mobility, and enhance their overall well-being.

If you’re experiencing elbow pain, it is vital to seek professional assistance and undergo a comprehensive diagnostic process. Consult with the experts at Jorja Healthcare to receive an accurate diagnosis and develop a personalised treatment plan that suits your needs, facilitating your journey towards recovery. To book a consultation or treatment with Anil you can complete our contact form.