Clinic visit from Luis Young and Sav Eden

April 24, 2023

Here at Jorja Healthcare, we know the importance of maintaining your health. That’s why we have partnered with athlete and model duo, Luis & Sav.

Luis Young and Savanah Eden‘s viral content is shared with over 1.7 million followers and covers all things fitness coaching, nutrition and how to live a healthy lifestyle. They clearly value their wellbeing and consistently inspire others to do the same. 

Luis and Sav visited us for a full Health Check and MRI scan to optimise their health further and negate any health concerns they had.

Our Health Checks and MRI Scanning facilities are amongst the best in the UK and offer you the ability to get a comprehensive picture of your health and wellbeing, with accurate clinical insights and empowering you to make informed health choices.

"We know that as radiologists, we have so much data to inspect, some scans being thousands of images. So what I'm working on is how we can use AI to help us interpret those images, to make us not just more efficient, but also safer and more accurate. "

If you would like to book an MRI scan or health check you can book directly via our website or you can leave us an enquiry.