GP Services

Jorja Healthcare is now offering full-time GP services covering any health issues you may have that need fast diagnosis and treatment

The service is open Monday-Friday from 9.30-5.30pm, with out of hours appointments available by arrangement. 

Our GP’s cover all illnesses and symptoms and can arrange MRI and Ultrasound scans, blood tests and referral pathways to specialist consultants, often on the same day, ensuring you receive fast and effective treatment.

Jorja Healthcare GP Services

GP Booking Options

In-Clinic GP Appointment


A 20 minute appointment with one of our friendly in-house doctors. This can include a physical examination or any screening tests if those are needed. 

This is currently only available at our Paddington clinic (W2 6LG) 

Online GP Appointment


Book a 15 minute virtual consultation with one of our friendly in-house doctors from the comfort of your home. This session can include a comprehensive health assessment and a discussion of any necessary screening tests.

An on-demand service, five days a week available at a time that suits you.

Jorja Healthcare provides a complete service to patientsThis includes triage by our trained staff and pre-assessment health checks by our nursing team to ensure we provide the best advice and care possible prior to your consultation. 

All you need to do is book your appointment with the GP service, to see one of their doctors. 

During your appointment you will discuss your ailments and determine a suitable treatment plan that’s right for you. Any previously performed scans or tests will be reviewed and discussed during your appointment. 

If needed, you may be prescribed medication or referred to a private specialist. Please note, the service is for over-18s only.

Frequently asked GP questions

No, as well as face-to-face appointments, we offer video and phone consultations.

The consultation will cost £69 and lasts for 20 minutesThe GP will then take 10 minutes to arrange any diagnostic tests for you and dictate the consultation letter.  We suggest you arrive 15 minutes early so our nurses can carry out your pre-assessment health checks which are included in the cost.   

The consultation will be for 20 minutes.  However, the GP will spend extra time requesting diagnostic tests, or writing your prescription so please allow 30 minutes. 

We also suggest you arrive 15 minutes early so our nursing team can carry out pre-assessment health checks including blood pressure and heart rate. 

Yes, our team of GP’s treat patients of all ages. 

Yes, the GP will specify which blood test you need. Our phlebotomist will take your blood and this will be processed by our on-site laboratoryWe can arrange a follow up consultation for the GP to explain your results and recommended treatment or next steps. 

If the GP requests an MRI or ultrasound scan, this can be done in-clinic and our team will arrange the appointment for you and is often possible on the same day as your consultationWe will arrange a follow up consultation with the GP approximately two days later so they can explain the findings and suggest the best treatment to help you.

Yes, we do offer this serviceHowever, the appointment will need to be booked in advance to enable us to order the correct vaccination you need.

If you need a repeat prescription for your medication, simply contact the clinic giving details of your current prescription and we will ask the GP to prepare this for youWe will email a copy of the prescription to you and we will either post it to you or you can collect the original from our clinic. 

Yes, between the hours of 9:30 am and 4:30 pm.

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