MRI scans

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanning is a safe and effective way to identify a problem or help confirm a diagnosis. In many cases, an MRI can provide peace of mind and give you the information you need to make informed decisions about your health.

Even with a referral, it can take a long time to book an MRI on the NHS. With Jorja Healthcare, you could be seen for an MRI as quickly as the same day with radiology report within 48 hours.

* Self-referral is often possible and can easily be determined by a simple questionnaire

If you would rather speak to our bookings team, call us on 0330 580 1153.

How can MRI help me?​

What you need to know about MRI scanning

Using MRI, our qualified professionals can locate the cause of your pain and discomfort quickly, painlessly and with precision. MRI scanning produces high-quality images of your bones, muscles, tendons, and connective tissues to swiftly identify any damage or abnormalities. MRIs are also frequently used to produce images of the brain.

Select your scan date and time and submit some simple details. If you are eligible for an MRI, then your appointment will be confirmed. If you are not eligible, you may need a referral from a GP/clinician, or we might suggest a different diagnostic scan.

We have access to both extremity and full-body MRI scanners. Extremity scanners are specifically designed for the hands, wrists, elbows, feet, ankles, and knees. We are usually able to scan a joint in under an hour, and there’s no need for you to get changed. The ergonomic design of our scanners ensures maximum comfort. You don’t need to put your body into a confined space, and there is very little noise.

You will receive a digital copy of your scan, which you can discuss with one of our experts. Additionally, a full radiology report will be sent to your GP for further discussion. The next step is to discuss the appropriate treatment, either with our clinical team or your GP. 

Why have an MRI scan?

MRI scanning can be an effective and painless way to help gain greater insight into what’s happening inside your body.

The images produced by the scan can help identify the source of your pain or be used to confirm a diagnosis made during an external examination.

The detailed report can ensure you get the right course of treatment and will give you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions with your doctor and ensure you have peace of mind.

Why choose our MRI?

Traditional MRIs can be overwhelming. However, our open MRI scanners can scan you in as little as 30 minutes instead of a standard hour-long scan.

Furthermore, our state-of-the-art scanners make less noise than a normal MRI, and the ergonomic design reduces claustrophobia for a more comfortable experience.

Living Room Health Children MRI Scanning

Children MRI scanning

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a safe and non-invasive imaging technique used to diagnose a range of medical conditions in both adults and children. Contrary to popular belief, MRI scans can be performed on children as young as 10 years old, with parental consent. 

MRI scans are often used in paediatric medicine to diagnose conditions such as soft tissue issues, joint problems, tumours etc. MRIs are useful in children as they provide detailed images of the body’s internal structures, which can be invaluable in making accurate diagnoses and developing effective treatment plans. The procedure is painless and does not involve radiation, making it safe for children to undergo. Read our children MRI FAQs here.

MRI Scanning Options

The location and price of your scan depend upon which body parts you want to scan. 

Single Part​ Scan

From £325

Two Part​

From £550

More than 3 parts

Price on application

The Process

We have endeavoured to make the process as straight forward and efficient as possible. 


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Why Choose Us

Accessible & Affordable

Our service is fast, efficient and reliable. It is also more affordable than many traditional private healthcare routes.

One Stop Clinic

From consultation to diagnosis to treatment, our service is a one stop clinic for self-pay healthcare.

Range of Specialists

We have a wide range of specialists which means we can always find the right person for you.

MRI Self-Referral

Submitting a self-referral to find out if you are suitable for an MRI scan is easy and free.

We can book in your MRI scan appointment at a time that is convenient for you, we have appointments 5 days a week, and this could as soon as the same or next day.

Prices start from £325 and you only pay when you book your appointment. Our team can walk you through the options and give you information to answer your questions and ease any concerns.


We have extremity and full body MRI scanners. Extremity scanners are specifically designed for the hands, wrists, elbows, feet, ankles and knees. Unlike with conventional MRI, our scanners are open rather than the traditional enclosed capsule. This coupled with very little noise and overall ergonomic design maximises patient comfort.  

Our open MRI scanner provides a more spacious environment for patients compared to traditional closed scanners. They are designed to be more accommodating for patients who may experience claustrophobia or discomfort in a confined space. Additionally, the reduced scan time and lower noise levels are significant advantages for a more pleasant experience.

Our open MRI scanner uses a coil around the patient to improve image quality and signal detection during the magnetic resonance imaging process. MRI uses powerful magnets and radio waves to create detailed images of the internal structures of the body, such as the brain, organs, muscles, and other tissues.

The coil serves as a receiver for the signals emitted by the body’s tissues when they are exposed to the MRI’s magnetic field and radiofrequency pulses. The coil is responsible for capturing these signals and transmitting them to the MRI machine for processing and image reconstruction.

To ensure you are comfortable during your MRI scan with us, we ask for some more information during your pre-assessment of some body measurements to confirm accessibility.

Most MRI scans are requested on a non-urgent, consultant-led basis. This means you can end up waiting up to 18 weeks from the time of your NHS e-Referral Service appointment or when the hospital gets your referral letter. Then there is a further wait for your results which is typically 24 hours. 

The NHS looks after the vast majority of patients in the UK and there is a huge demand on services such as MRI, with the more urgent cases being given priority. You can, however, skip this queue if you opt to get a private MRI scan which you can pay for yourself.  

Yes. You simply book online or fill in our enquiry form in order to arrange a private MRI scan appointment. However you will need to pay an upfront cost for our services.   

Yes. It’s also possible to book for someone else if you’re their carer. By simply answering a few questions about why you want the scan and some extra safety questions you can book someone in hassle free. 

No. It’s a very safe, non-invasive procedure. There have been a wide range of studies on the impact of radio waves and magnets on the human body and no risks have been identified. Unlike with an X-ray machine, radiation is not used so there is no risk of exposure to radiation during an MRI procedure. However, due to the use of the strong magnets, MRIs cannot be performed on patients with implanted pacemakers.  

Typically Your GP may suggest an MRI for soft tissue injuries as the MRI can scan the internal structure of muscles, bones, ligaments, organs, nerves, and joints, from any angle. MRIs are more versatile, and doctors use them for examining many medical conditions. However, x-rays are used more often for examining broken bones, and they can also help detect diseased tissue. Additionally, an MRI scan does not use radiation, instead using strong magnets and radio waves.   

If you’re experiencing knee pain, a knee MRI can look at the ligaments, muscles and tissues surrounding the knee to identify the cause of your knee pain within 15 to 45 minutes on average. This is because only your lower body needs to go into the MRI machine. 

Children MRI FAQs

MRI scans are safe for children as they do not use ionising radiation, unlike X-rays and CT scans. At Jorja Healthcare, we scan children under 18 without the need for a doctor’s referral. This means you can refer yourself or your child directly to us for an MRI without the long wait times. Our team of skilled MRI Operators are trained in the scanning of children and will ensure they receive the best care possible. However, we cannot scan babies or infants, as they usually need sedation to stay still when having an MRI scan.

Our MRI scanners are different to other scanners as they are open and super quiet. Your child will not have to remove any clothing for their scan.  They will need to lay still for 30-60 min depending on the body part being scanned. During this time, we can play their favourite music or radio show, and you will be able to be in the room with them.

We understand that getting an MRI can be stressful, even for adults. Unlike traditional MRI, our scanners are open, unlike the conventional enclosed capsules. This coupled with very little noise, maximises patient comfort. You may find it helpful to show your child photographs of our scanner if they are feeling uneasy.

To help prepare your child and ensure their peace of mind, you can explain what to expect and answer their questions. Anything you aren’t clear on or have further questions, you can contact our MRI booking team on 0330 580 1153.

In most cases, parents can stay with their child during the MRI scan.

If your child is experiencing pain either from an injury or otherwise, they might benefit from an MRI. A GP or Physiotherapist may also have referred your child for an MRI scan to provide an in-depth diagnosis to help with the best possible route for their ongoing care and treatment.

Our MRI scanners are not traditional MRIs, they are state-of-the-art, super quiet, and very comfortable for children.