Non-Responding Knee Pain with Osteoarthritis, Meniscus and Ligament Tears Treated with Ultrasound Guided Autologous, Micro-Fragmented and Minimally Manipulated Adipose Tissue

February 15, 2020


Background: Chronic knee pain from advanced osteoarthritis is often associated with tears in the fibro cartilaginous meniscus and cruciate ligaments. The result is substantial pain and impairments and loss of daily function, thus limiting activity and quality of life. These often include pain, loss of range of 116 motion, inability to elevate the leg, pain increased with activity and gradual worsening over time. This represents a challenging clinical picture for which few non-surgical options are available. Most patients failing to respond to current methods of care are offered arthroplasty. Current therapies are focused on the relief of the symptoms but cannot repair the damage nor stop the degenerative process.

Objective: This is a case study of the first subject in a continuing IRB to reach a 2.5 year end-point. Our intention was to investigate the potential benefits of using autologous, minimally manipulated fat graft in subjects with advanced osteoarthritis and meniscus pathology who had failed to obtain benefit from previous, standards of care.

Study description: 73 YO male, end stage bone-on-bone right knee pain. First subject to reach the 2 1/2 year follow up after Lipogems® precision ultrasound guided injections. Material and Methods: Micro-fragmented fat was obtained using a minimal
manipulation technology in a closed system, Lipogems®, without the addition of enzymes or other additives. Fat graft was injected under continuous ultrasound guidance. Results: VAS pain, KOOS function, range of motion and quadriceps strength improved after treatment.

Conclusion: Autologous, micronized, and minimally manipulated adipose tissue resulted in significant improvement in pain, function and quality of life. No adverse events were reported.