Microfractured and purified adipose tissue (Lipogems™ system) injections for treatment of atrophic vaginitis

February 15, 2020


It is estimated that 10-40% of post-menopausal women experience local symptoms related to vaginal atrophy; current treatments focus on symptom management. To mitigate these degenerative changes and associated symptoms, patients may benefit from novel treatment involving adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells, both as a native tissue bulking agent and for the regenerative, trophic environment stimulated by these cells. This case reports details the first known case of treatment for atrophic vaginitis with mesenchymal stem cells, with promising early and late improvement in symptoms (dryness, dyspareunia). Cell-based and regenerative medicine therapies represent promising novel treatments for atrophic vaginitis and additional studies are warranted to determine clinical efficacy and long-term effect.