Jayne Hopper

Nutritional Therapist
Jayne Hopper is a Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner providing individual nutrition advice to improve your health and well being.
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Jayne Hopper Biography

Jayne Hopper is a dedicated practitioner specializing in CFS/ME, Fibromyalgia, and Long Covid recovery. Inspired by a transformative webinar from The Chrysalis Effect, Jayne was deeply moved by the founder’s story and joined the cause to help those suffering from debilitating diseases. 

With 26 years of experience as a flight attendant, Jayne understands the toll that a demanding lifestyle can take on well-being. This personal insight sparked a quest to explore the therapeutic uses of food and its impact on health and lifestyle. 

Jayne’s own struggle with fertility further emphasized the connection between nutrition and overall wellness, motivating her to study nutrition and its profound effects. 

Taking a holistic approach, Jayne focuses on identifying root causes rather than just managing symptoms. She tailors a nutritionally beneficial way of eating to each individual, promoting a realistic and sustainable healthy lifestyle. 

Jayne holds a Diploma in Nutrition from the esteemed College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) and is a proud member of BANT and registered with CNHC, ensuring high standards in her practice. Consultations with Jayne are confidential and supportive, providing a safe space to address health concerns. 

She believes in the body’s resilience and its ability to heal through proper nourishment. Join Jayne Hopper on a heartfelt path towards wellness, unlocking your body’s full potential and restoring vitality.

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