Dr Anthony Hammond

Rheumatologist and Pain Specialist
Dr Anthony Hammond is a consultant rheumatologist and specialist in interventional pain management, whose areas of expertise lie within rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory arthritis and in the interventional management of spinal pain.
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Dr Anthony Hammond Biography

Dr Hammond completed his medical education at Edinburgh Medical School and underwent training in general medicine and rheumatology across various locations such as Bristol, Bath, and London. This included notable institutions like The Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases (known as the Mineral Water Hospital) in Bath, The Royal Postgraduate Medical School, Hammersmith Hospital, and St Bart’s Hospital in London.

His primary area of expertise lies in employing cutting-edge minimally invasive techniques for pain management, specifically focusing on interventional diagnosis and advanced methods such as Biologics. Back pain, including conditions like sciatica and intervertebral disc prolapse, constitutes his main field of specialization. Additionally, Dr Hammond possesses proficiency in treating a range of other ailments such as whiplash syndrome, brachialgia, cervical disc issues, osteoarthritis, and soft tissue syndromes.

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